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Tech-Stock Prospector is an investment-research service focused on achieving outstanding long-term returns for its clients.

Led by Robert DeFrancesco — a veteran tech analyst and protégé of Louis Rukeyser —Tech-Stock Prospector’s guiding investment philosophy is based on deep fundamental research and unbiased thematic analysis to identify and capitalize on market inefficiencies within the technology-stock sector.

Tech-Stock Prospector seeks out promising technology stocks offering a combination of growth and value. The two portfolios—The Vulture Portfolio and TSP Small-Cap Portfolio—are long-term in nature (building positions over two to five years) and concentrated (usually 10 to 20 stocks). Outside of the portfolios, Tech-Stock Prospector provides trading-oriented recommendations.

Tech-Stock Prospector covers both developing technology companies and established large-cap companies in the following sectors:

  • Wireless infrastructure (including semiconductors)
  • E-commerce & Internet
  • Network security
  • Semiconductor capital equipment
  • Enterprise software
  • Internet infrastructure
  • Networking
  • Videogame software
  • Nanotechnology
  • RFID
  • Data-storage management
  • Homeland security
  • Digital video and post production
  • Business-intelligence software

Tech-Stock Prospector is located in Washington, D.C.
For more information, please contact us at
or 800-392-0998.


"Rob has developed a feel for tech stocks that you can't get any other way than living and breathing them every day."

– Louis Rukeyser, 2003

"I subscribe to 11 analyst/market letters mainly to try to get some kind of consensus and never seem to. However, if I only could afford to take one it would be yours."
– Alan England
(current subscriber)

"I bought Apple in Feb '07 on Rob's recommendation and it has doubled in less than a year. My only regret is not subscribing earlier."
– Jason Brockson
(current subscriber)
  1401 Q Street NW, Suite 603, Washington DC 20009.
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